School of Physics
Huazhong University of Science and Technology

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Software, Servers and Databases

  • Smiley face HDOCK Server -- Protein-protein and protein-DNA/RNA docking based on a hybrid algorithm of template-based modeling and ab initio free docking.

  • Smiley face MODPEP Server -- Fast conformer ensemble generator of protein-bound peptides.
    Click HERE to download the standalone MODPEP program.
    Click HERE to download the training data set.
    Click HERE to download the test data set.

  • Smiley face RNA Docking benchmark -- A comprehensive and nonredundant benchmark for RNA-RNA docking and scoring.

  • Smiley face ITDA scoring function -- A new knowledge-based scoring function with Inclusion of Backbone Conformational Entropies from Protein Structures through backbone dihedral angles.
    Click HERE to download the ITDA program and related data sets.

  • Smiley face HPepDock -- A hierarchical flexible peptide docking approach by fast conformational modeling and orientational sampling of peptides.
    Click HERE to access the web server.

  • Smiley face HSYMDOCK -- A Hierarchical SYMmetric DOCKing protocol for protein homo-oligomers with Cn or Dn symmetry from the structure or sequence of a subunit molecule.
    Click HERE to access the web server.

  • Smiley face PepBDB -- a comprehensive structural database of all the biological peptide binding complexes with peptide lengths up to 50 residues in the Protein Data Bank.
    Click HERE to access the database., Lab of Bioinformatics and Molecular Modeling